Monday, April 6, 2015

Melrose: Cleanse & Protect

I added this wonderful Young Living blend of essential oils to my Essential Rewards order soon after reading Debra Raybern's Gentle Babies book about how to safely use essential oils for babies, children, and during pregnancy. It is frequently recommended throughout because it is similar to but gentler than Thieves - Young Living's infamous immune system supporting blend. It does not contain the stronger, "hot" oils of Eucalyptus or Cinnamon Bark that Thieves does, but is still just as cleansing with two types of Melaleuca. It is still fairly strong and should be used with greater caution around children under 4 years of age.

Young Living says: "Melrose™ provides a protective barrier against skin challenges. When diffused, Melrose can help dispel odors."

The first essential oil ingredient is Rosemary. "Rosemary essential oil helps support a healthy lifestyle regimen and well-being*." It is also included in Thieves and it smells nice and fresh. It is a stronger oil though so it is NOT generally recommended for very young children under 4. But I have used it safely diluted on the bottom of my 20 month old's feet and diffused.

And then there is Melaleuca Alternifolia. I use it most frequently for cleaning and skin care. "With a fresh, crisp aroma, Tea Tree essential oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) helps maintain a healthy-looking scalp and hair, and reduces the appearance of blemishes. Apply to feet and toenails when needed."

Next there is Clove. "Clove essential oil promotes a healthy immune response, and may support overall wellness*" with its high antioxidant content. It is also very soothing of physical discomfort.

And finally, there is Niaouli or Melaleuca quinquenervia which "supports skin health" to top off this beautiful blend.

Specific Blends & Uses:
  • Use as a substitute for Thieves for those with more sensitive skin.
  • Diffuse with R.C. to support the respiratory system.
  • Diffuse or combine in a roll-on blend with Frankincense and Lemon or Lemon and Copaiba to support the immune system, energize, purify the air and uplift.
  • Diffuse with Lemon and Peppermint to energize and support the respiratory and immune systems.
  • Diffuse with Lavender and Copaiba to calm and support restful sleep.
  • Combine with Lavender, Copaiba, and Frankincense to soothe and protect skin in a Spray or other medium.
  • Apply to feet and skin when needed.
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 *Disclaimer: This post is NOT intended as medical advice of any kind because I am not a doctor. These product(s) have not been tested or evaluated by the FDA and so they are not intended to cure, treat, or prevent disease. They only help your body to do what it was meant to do, like nutritional supplements. Caution should be exercised with first time oil use - skin patch tests prior to use and dilution with carrier oil - especially in children. Children, especially under the age of 6, should never ingest essential oils without advice of a healthcare professional since they are concentrated and potent. If you are under the care of a physician, nursing, taking prescription medication, or pregnant please consult your doctor prior to use. Keep essential oils out of reach of children.

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