Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Testimonial Tuesday: Odor Neutralizers

t's that day every parent dreads and never wants to think about, but deep down we all know it's inevitable. The day you walk into your toddler's room to find that they have been happily playing with the contents of their own explosive diaper. Much gagging and cringing and baths and laundry ensue while you try to remind yourself why you ever wanted children (or pets) in the first place. The ironic twist is that if it's explosive it's almost certainly the worst smelling kind.

I was horrified to find that my daughter had in fact slicked her hair back with it. And let me tell you, that smell does NOT come out of hair easily. I made sure to wash her hair thoroughly in the bath, but it wasn't enough. After her hair had dried I noticed a tenacious oily residue and gag inducing smell remained. Back to the bath we went and this time I added a couple drops of Lemon, Purification, and Lavender to her shampoo and it totally did the trick! Not only did her hair smell much better, but it came out especially clean and silky soft. It was much easier to comb and any residue was completely gone. I also added a few drops of Purification to the laundry load I did immediately and everything came out clean and fresh smelling. Thank goodness.

Purification is Young Living's proprietary blend especially formulated to deodorize, freshen, and clean. Lemon is also very cleansing and cuts through grease and stains. And Lavender is good for hair and skin and smells heavenly. All three of these indispensable household oils are included in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit, which I honestly don't how I lived without. If you're tired of living a life full of chemicals gross smells - basically a typical life with children or pets - without these secret weapons then email me at rach.dorian@gmail.com to learn more!

 *Disclaimer: This post is NOT intended as medical advice of any kind because I am not a doctor. These product(s) have not been tested or evaluated by the FDA and so they are not intended to cure, treat, or prevent disease. They only help your body to do what it was meant to do, like nutritional supplements. Caution should be exercised with first time oil use - skin patch tests prior to use and dilution with carrier oil - especially in children. Children, especially under the age of 6, should never ingest essential oils without advice of a healthcare professional since they are concentrated and potent. If you are under the care of a physician, nursing, taking prescription medication, or pregnant please consult your doctor prior to use. Keep essential oils out of reach of children.

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